Me: “I work with Unicorns 🦄 “… Them thinking: “Does she also work with Alpacas and Hippos 🦏 ?” 😃

Brilliant, honest and so fair. Clearly my mistake of not speaking the customer language 😉

I am thrilled to share a highlight from last night – hosting a guest lecture for the talented students of Hogeschool Inholland University in our Berlin Salesforce Office. 🌟

25 amazing minds walked through our door, filling the room with positive vibes and infectious energy. 🌈 It struck me how important it is, to not just listen but guide our next generation and give back, as they will be our leaders from tomorrow. 🌍

We deep dived into lively discussions, vibrant role plays, and explored some sales tactics, that are not only applicable to Sales but across various roles and industries:
✨ Discovery Calls
✨ Objection Handling
✨ Pitching
✨ Negotiating

The enthusiasm, eagerness to learn, and active participation kept us all on our toes for nearly 3 hours – and no one fell asleep! 😴😄 It was absolute great, to have an atmosphere that was not only productive but also filled with positive vibes. 🚀

Special shout-out to the 4 bold and brilliant girls holding their own in the front row alongside 21 equally smart and beautiful male students. 👩‍🎓👨‍🎓 Women power in action! 💪 Let’s break those industry barriers and keep paving the way for more women to thrive in sales and beyond. 🌟🚺

Heartfelt thanks to the students and professors Rob van Wordragen, Luigi van Geest, CAMS,Gerrit Kuiper,Annelies Sijtsma for making last night truly special. 🙏

Also, a big thanks to Nur Hasanovic for decorating and organizing our room so nicely and spoiling us with Christmas cookies and Ginger bread 💕
Valeria Bandecchi, PhD and Maria Kempf thanks for supporting me on the content and training material. It truly made our session a lot more engaging and fun 🙏

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